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Parents are going back to school too

Parents are going back to school too

It’s not just kids who go back to school this month, it’s their parents as well, minus all the new stuff.

We share their excitement, apprehension and anticipation for what this new school year will bring. Depending on they type of scholar you have, the return to school can also include helping him or her to manage homework, assignments, schedules and various deadlines. It’s all part of the job of parenting.

How do you approach that first day of school? Do you take a photo of your kids fully decked out in a new outfit complete with backpack and scuff-free shoes? Is there a special breakfast, celebratory supper, special note in the lunch bag? If you are just starting out on this journey, you might want to establish some back-to-school traditions or at least try something once and see how it sticks.

Our Junior section feature this month provides some inspiration and ideas but don’t feel like a bad parent if you only manage to pull off a quick photo as you all rush out the door. More than once that shot was taken after school at our house, if at all. Parents like me rely heavily on the school photos that are scheduled each year and involve a professional photographer.

All that we need to do is to remember that it’s picture day, perhaps arrange for a haircut and dress our kids in something that passes as photo worthy. It’s not a bad idea to pack an approved shirt or dress in their backpack that day and hope that your child changes into it.  Unlike many things in life, there is a chance for redemption on re-take day if things go wrong.

The new school year is a chance for a fresh start and that can be helpful especially if the last school year wasn’t so great. I know kids who don’t want school to break for the summer and others who want the holidays to never end…that would be my boys. If pressed however, most kids will be able to find one thing about school that they enjoy, be it getting back together with friends or playing football or joining the choir.

As parents, we can look forward to the many opportunities that school offers, like experimenting with lunches, re-learning math, listening to beginners read aloud, signing, forgetting to sign or not getting permission forms, meeting with teachers or maybe even principals! Hope you make the grade this year.