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October: What’s under the covers this month

October: What’s under the covers this month

My Puppy, Sable!
By Elisabeth Grassby Stefan
There are many children who get scared from time to time, and this adorable rhyming book is perfect for them. There are some of us who are obsessed with dogs, from their cute noses to their happy barks! However, dogs can sometimes seem a little frightening. In reaction to an overly excited dog jumping on Lizzie-Bee, Lizzie-Bee becomes afraid of all dogs! Lizzie-Bee is ready to give it another shot. But will she be ready for Sable – the biggest adventure of her life? Ages: All Ages. Published by: Friesen Pres.. Pages: 40. Price: $14.99

Three Hens, a Peacock, and the Enormous Egg
By Lester L. Laminack,
& Illustrated by Henry Cole
When farm animals find an enormous egg on the road, they must figure out how to care for it. The egg was enclosed in a shell, but what was inside it, and why is it taking so long for it to hatch?
Ages: 4-8 . Published by: Holiday House. Pages: 32. Price: $21.99 HC

Mermaid Day
By Diana Murray & Illustrated by Luke Flowers
Hooray! Hooray! It’s Mermaid Day! A mer-tastic celebration as all sorts of sea creatures celebrate Mermaid Day! It’s Mermaid Day and the mermaid queen is throwing a fin-tastic party! To celebrate, she decorates her underwater castle and invites creatures of all kinds to swim inside. Guests are preparing to bid an end to a mer-mazing day as dolphins dance, narwhals play ring toss, and night falls. However, are all welcome to celebrate under the sea? Ages: 4-8. Published by: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky. Pages: 36. Price: $28.99 HC

How This Book Got Red
By Margaret Chiu Greanias
& Illustrated by Melissa Iwai
The moment Red discovers a new book about pandas, she can’t wait to read it! However, the story only involves one kind of panda, and red pandas are totally left out. Red never gets to read stories about pandas like herself! As a result, she decides to write her own book. Yet when Red looks around, all the world seems to see are black and white pandas. Is there anyone who would like to read about red pandas? In order to find out, Red must finish her story.
Ages: 4+. Published by: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Pages: 40. Price: $28.99 HC

Challah Day
By Charlotte Offsay
& Illustrated by Jason Kirschner
Recipe included. In this rhyming tale, a Jewish family prepares homemade holiday bread called challah bread. There is a lot of mess and laughter. Warm bread scent fills the house. Grandma and Grandpa bring candles and hugs. Children and parents can enjoy this kid-friendly, rhyming recipe together. The back of the book reads about the cultural significance of challah and Jewish traditions. At the back of the book, learn about challah’s cultural importance and Jewish traditions. Ages: 3-5. Published by: Holiday House . Pages: 40. Price: $24.99 HC

Giants Are Very Brave People
By Florence Parry Heide
& Illustrated by Merrill Rainey
It seems like everyone has a fear of something, but Bigelow has a fear of just about everything. Bigelow meets a tiny woman who is afraid of him. Fortunately, Bigelow is more friendly than scary, and the two are soon eating pancakes together. Mrs. Pimberly is surprised to learn that Bigelowe fears so many things. Perhaps if he acted more like a fierce giant and shouted “Fee Fi Fo Fum!” he wouldn’t be so scared. Do these magic words have the power to make Bigelow conquer his fear? For the child who needs a little help learning to be brave, this is the perfect story time book.
Ages: 4-7. Publisher: Holiday House. Page: 32. Price: $24.99 HC