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Do you enjoy speaking in front of an audience? If you are like most people, you would rather avoid having to deliver a speech. Yet being able to speak confidently and with competence is especially important to everyone. Public speaking is a life skill, no longer a nice to have, public speaking is now a requirement.

Fact is we tend to shy away from the things that scare us. If you practice and face your fear you will soon get better. The thing that scared you will no longer have that power.

I once worked for a large coffee company that had complicated and difficult recipes. During the training, my barista trainer noticed that I tended to stay on cash. I was avoiding the bar, the place where those caffeinated concoctions were made. She finally said to me “Steve, how are you going to get better at making drinks if you never make any?” No skill is gained from avoidance.

If your child avoids public speaking, mumbles when they talk, or is simply not comfortable sharing ideas and thoughts, they are avoiding a fear. Here are some tips to help them improve:

• You can help them by finding a place for them to learn and practice public speaking skills.
• Ask open ended questions at the dinner table. Give them a chance to expand on their answers.
• Have them read aloud, a great way to explore their voice and pronunciation.
• Recognize any wins! Encourage their progress.

About e3

e3 Toronto is a community-based business that helps others find their voice. We help youths and adults develop their communication skills and become confident engaging speakers so that they can succeed personally, academically, and professionally. e3 partners with youth groups, schools, adults and other community groups to help elevate their public speaking acumen

By Steve Elliot
Designer and Facilitator of e3 Youth Public Speaking