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The Perfect Complement to Any Nursery: Safe & Non-Toxic Beyond Latex™ Certified Organic Foam

The Perfect Complement to Any Nursery: Safe & Non-Toxic Beyond Latex™ Certified Organic Foam

As parents, we want to avoid exposing our kids to as many allergens and toxins as possible. Your little one needs quality and healthy sleep most of all. Toxic chemicals and allergens should be avoided during their crucial development stages to prevent stimulation of the central nervous system and impede growth.




The creator of the world’s healthiest crib mattress brings you the LaLa natural foam crib mattress.
The LaLa natural memory foam crib mattress is made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to ensure that your baby is sleeping on the safest, purest, and most hygienic surface possible. Small accidents on the LaLa aren’t an issue thanks to the food-grade waterproofing integrated into the cover. This pressure-relieving, breathable crib mattress supports and cradles your baby unlike any other, yet still meets all standards for firm crib mattresses. In a critical stage of the infant’s life when sleep is so crucial, LaLa crib mattresses offer the healthiest start possible. This is why the LaLa natural latex crib mattress is designed to ensure that your baby has the best sleep possible for optimal growth and development. $699.00



Stinky Pad – Natural Mattress Protector for Crib

It is inevitable that accidents will occur. By using the Stinky Pad, you will be able to take control and get back to sleep quickly and easily. Unlike conventional plasticized crib mattresses and baby mattress protectors, the Stinky Pad provides a natural alternative. Features include waterproof mattress protectors made with unbleached organic cotton and a food-grade waterproof liner. Hypoallergenic and dust mite friendly. Easily removable and is machine washable. Hand-stitched by Essentia moms, this organic cotton mattress protector is composed of 2 layers. $135.00