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Rock a Bye Baby

Rock a Bye Baby

When planning your babies nursery, parents never forget the crib, change table or beautiful décor, but hey do often skip over a comfortable chair or glider. A glider is often an after thought once the baby has arrived and the parents realize that it is a necessity!

Gliders provide a comfortable place for baby to be fed and soothed. They even become a napping spot during some of those sleepless nights!

Tips to consider when purchasing a glider:

  1. Comfort – Gliders today are extremely comfortable, but they are not all the same.  Different styles of gliders such as wood, upholstered or glider recliners, provide different levels of comfort. It is important for the primary caregiver to try the glider out before purchasing to ensure that it is a great fit.
  2. Function – Gliders are available with a wide range of functions such as glide, swivel, lock, and recline. Before purchasing a glider be sure to consider all functions and understand their importance.
  3. Ottomans – Adding an ottoman to a glider increases the comfort of your chair. Ottomans can often be purchased with a nursing option.
  4. Aesthetics – Consider the longevity of the style / fabric chosen as gliders last longer than the nursing years.  Pick a style and fabric that is transitional from the nursery to help the continued use of the glider.

If you have questions or would like to try out different styles of gliders we can be contacted via the information below.

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