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bébé: Skincare Line for Babies

bébé: Skincare Line for Babies

The freshly certified organic skincare regimen by the laboratories of KLORANE

bébé promotes the equilibrium of a baby’s skin microbiome, starting from birth and throughout their initial 1,000 days of life, with the newly certified organic skincare regimen.
KLORANE introduces a new ORGANIC baby skincare line crafted with expert botanical knowledge. Our Klorane bébé range, featuring ORGANIC calendula, offers effective, certified organic formulas, made in France with at least 99% natural-origin ingredients. We’re committed to your baby’s safety and comfort by soothing irritation, moisturizing, repairing the skin barrier, and supporting skin health.
During the first 1,000 days of development, your baby’s skin is fragile and lacks full defense mechanisms. It offers limited protection against dehydration, germs, irritants, and pollutants until around age four when their barrier matures. With a pH close to neutral at birth, your baby’s skin is especially sensitive to external factors. Therefore, choosing safe skincare products tailored to this vulnerability is vital.

Diaper Change Cream
Soothes from the first application. Reduces and prevents irritation as it is enriched with jojoba oil and soothing organic castor oil. $15.50

Multi-Purpose Oil
Cleanse, nourish and massage all-in one oil to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and soothe skin. Fragrance-free, 100% natural-origin formula with organic plant-based oils. Suitable for use on body and scalp to help remove cradle cap. $26.00

Moisturizing Cream
For face and body; thoroughly nourishing and ultra-moisturizing. Enriched with organic aloe vera. $26.00