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Tips To Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Tips To Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are among the most recognizable symbols of the holiday season, and the popularity of trees is undeniable. Christmas trees are big business in Canada, where Statistics Canada notes cash receipts from Canadian Christmas tree producers totaled nearly $163.5 million in 2022.

Annual spending on Christmas trees underscores how important they are to holiday décor. Christmas trees serve as the centrepiece in millions of holiday home décor schemes, so it’s important to pick a tree that can shine in that role. This holiday season, celebrants can consider these tips as they look for the perfect Christmas tree.

Measure the area where the tree will be placed

A large tree can be awe-inspiring, but also can stick out like a sore thumb if it takes up too much space. There should be enough room around the tree for families and their guests to sit around it. The home interior experts at Better Homes & Gardens recommend leaving a minimum of six inches between the top of the tree and the ceiling. If a tree topper will be added, make sure the top of the tree is at least 12 inches from the ceiling. Measure the area before leaving to buy a tree so it can fit nicely into the room and the surrounding decor.



Try the shake test

Anyone who has purchased a fresh-cut Christmas tree is undoubtedly familiar with the shake test, which remains an effective way to measure the dryness of the tree. A slight shake will produce some fallen needles. If the needles are brown and few and far between, then the tree likely is not overly dry. However, a lot of falling green needles indicates the tree is already drying out, which means it could shed quite a bit and lose its looks before Christmas Day.

Pick a tree with a symmetrical look

Trees are living things, so it’s unlikely that buyers will find a perfectly symmetrical tree. However, a tree that’s misshapen or already has some sagging branches won’t make for an awe-inspiring addition to a home decor scheme.

Find the trunk (if you can)

A trunk that’s visible through the branches indicates the tree does not have dense branches, which will be necessary if homeowners want to dress the tree with ornaments. If it’s hard to find the trunk because of all the thick branches and green needles, then the tree is likely pretty healthy.

Test the needles

The home improvement experts at Lowes note that needles should be flexible but still snap when bent sharply. Avoid trees with needles that are already losing their colour and can easily be pulled off.

A Christmas tree garners a lot of attention come the holiday season, which only underscores the significance of finding a tree worthy of being the heart of holiday decor.

– Metro Creative