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Take time to sign up as a class trip supervisor

Take time to sign up as a class trip supervisor

It begins with the permission form, which might be handed to you, or be discovered in a crumpled ball during a backpack dig.

A class trip is coming up and along with some money and a signature, there is often a request for parent supervisors. That box was almost always checked by this parent. Flexible work hours allowed me the opportunity to pile into a school bus, issue repeated reminders about sitting on the seat and attempt to converse with a fellow volunteer over the din of pumped up kids.

Following two kids through school, many trips were experienced twice. As a regular classroom volunteer, the kids knew me and responded well to my rules. Most even got my sense of humour. I’d often have one or two of the more challenging kids in my group…no…not my own. In fact, it was school trips that reinforced the reality that my own boys were really well behaved.

With the exception of the bus ride, class trips were almost as exciting for me as the kids. Toronto Zoo, the ROM, African Lion Safari, Ontario Science Centre, Hockley Valley Resort, conservation areas and numerous theatrical and musical performances were among our destinations. Taking learning outside the classroom definitely has its merits.

You will find some valuable advice about school trips that touches on how to prepare your child and how to perform as a volunteer by following this link  I would add that bringing some extra mittens or a rain cape or two, depending on the weather, can make an unprepared child’s experience much better. Also, bring your inner child so that you can guide the kids through their activities and interactions with enthusiasm and wonder.