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Summer Crafts Families Can Enjoy Together

Summer Crafts Families Can Enjoy Together

Things seem to slow down in summer. Come summer, the hurried pace that dominates much of the year takes a backseat to vacations, lounging around the pool, diving through ocean waves, and setting up tents at campsites near or far.

When the weather is accommodating, there’s a seemingly endless list of ways to enjoy time spent outdoors. But as everyone knows, Mother Nature tends to be a bit unpredictable during the hazy days of summer. Thunderstorms can roll in quite suddenly, or rain may persist for a few days as the atmosphere attempts to right itself after an abundance of steamy days. Keep a list of craft ideas at the ready to make the most of time spent inside or out. The following are a few ideas.

Friendship bracelets:

There have been different iterations of friendship bracelets for every generation. With some general craft supplies, such as embroidery thread, beads, plastic lanyards, or other jewelry-making materials, kids can make and share a variety of friendship bracelets.

Seashell creatures:

At the next beach excursion, pick up differently shaped shells. They can be painted and glued together to resemble different animals or whatever designs one can imagine.


With some twigs, yarn and feathers, crafters can make dreamcatchers to hang bedside.

Sun prints:

Check out the craft store for a special light-sensitive solution that can be painted onto thick craft paper. Set various natural items on top (such as fern boughs, shells, feathers, and more) and let the sun do its work. You’ll ultimately be left with some beautiful silhouettes.

Leather sewing kits:

Evoke the feelings of summer camp right at home with leather sewing kits that enable everyone to make handcrafted leather wallets or small purses.

Painted stones:

Kids can have fun gathering smooth pebbles from trails or at the shores of lakes. They can be painted with various designs or sweet sentiments, only to be left around the neighborhood for others to discover.

Sea glass jewelry:

An adult can use a very thin drill bit to make holes in sea glass remnants that washed up on beaches. Feed through earring hooks or chains to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Dyed shoes or accessories:

Use commercially produced or homemade dyes made from teabags, berry juice, turmeric powder, or more to colour certain items. Dress up canvas sneakers with summertime hues or make colourful bandanas to help keep you cool.

Summer craft ideas abound to keep everyone entertained all season long.