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Scenes from a Tree now playing at Young People’s Theatre

Scenes from a Tree now playing at Young People’s Theatre

By Christine Davis

Let’s face it; taking the kids to the theatre is a product in and of itself. From just getting out the door, to paying too much for parking and of course, losing a mitten somewhere along the way.

But it’s worth it.

It teaches them an appreciation for the theatre and the artists. It helps them learn theatre etiquette and how to behave appropriately during a performance. And when the shows are specially designed just for them, it’s just plain fun.

That’s why I love Young People’s Theatre and make the effort to take my kids – Isabelle, 3 and Jack, 1 whenever something appropriate for them is playing.

Until Sunday, February 26, Scenes from a Tree, a charming tale designed just for tiny tots is playing in YPT’s studio. Recommended for children ages 18 months to 4 years, my two fit perfectly into the age range, despite the fact that Jack’s only 14 months old. Musically inclined, he was quick to start clapping his hands in times to my foot tapping during some of the lovely melodies sung by players in the Des mots d’la dynamite production.

During the 35-minute performance – which is just long enough for these little guys – we witnessed the changing of the seasons and what takes place around a 100-year-old tree.

A tactile garden grew before our eyes as the three tree-like fairies performed. I wanted to reach out and touch all of the wool and knit-work and at the end of the performance the kids had a chance to do just that, with each child walking away with a small souvenir.

I highly recommend trying to see this show if you can attend. Check the schedule for times and tickets. But if not, keep your eye out for other YPT performances. You won’t regret it.