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How to be a tourist in your own town

How to be a tourist in your own town


How to be a tourist in your own town

By Paig Stafford

Save money this summer by taking a vacation in your own town – a staycation. Here’s how to enjoy your time just like a tourist.

Turn off work

Turn off your cell phone, e-mail or anything else connecting you to work. Even if you’re staying at home, let your answering machine take messages and don’t pick up or open your mail.

Don’t do chores

Just like the turning off your phone, turn off housework. Even if you’re at home to sleep while on your staycation, don’t focus on the mess or laundry. Order food to be delivered to avoid dirty dishes and let the laundry pile up – just hide it in your closet or the basement if it bothers you. Most housework can wait, so don’t do it during your staycation.

Bring other family and friends along

Bring other members of your family along (grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) to enhance the memories of your staycation. Family from outside your immediate members will enhance the excursions. Or consider inviting friends you haven’t seen in awhile, or seldom get to see and rebuild old friendships to get back in touch.

Take the bus or train

Take the bus or train around town just as a tourist would do. You’ll eliminate the stress of driving, traffic jams and trying to find a parking space. The bus and train do cost money, but it’s generally cheaper than gas and parking. You can also watch interesting people on your ride and meet new people that you wouldn’t otherwise do if you were driving.

Be flexible and freewheelin’

Having a plan for your staycation is important, but also be flexible. If you had planned a day at the zoo and the weather isn’t being cooperative, change your plans and go to a museum or indoor attraction instead. Have many options and ideas in mind so you can pick and choose what suits the weather and your mood.