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How do seeds sprout?

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How do seeds sprout?


I’m a firm believer that kids should get their hands dirty – whether playing outside or digging in the garden. Every spring, we visit our local garden centre to buy a variety of vegetable seeds including carrots, radishes, beets, pumpkin, lettuce, as well as onion bulbs and potatoes and veggie seedlings like tomatoes.

Last year, as Daddy and Katrina were planting the seeds, she asked what happens to the seeds once they’re tucked into the soil. From a child’s perspective, it’s a long time to wait until the seeds sprout and push their way up to the surface of the soil. Every day she would run to the veggie garden after we got home and would be disappointed that nothing happened on the surface.

So this year, after buying our seeds, I bought an extra package of carrot seeds. I wanted to show her what happens once the seeds are planted.

What you’ll need:

  • see-through, plastic container (I used a cranberry juice bottle)
  • package of carrot seeds
  • potting soil


1. Clean your plastic juice container and cut off the top part of the bottle.

 2. Fill the container half way full with potting soil.

3. Pour the seeds into a bowl and let your kids sprinkle the seeds onto the soil.

4. Gently add another 2 to 3 inches of soil to bury the seeds and water.

5. Place the container in a sunny location and water regularily.

The seeds will start to sprout in a few days and your kids can watch the tiny seedlings push their way up to the surface.