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Get the Popcorn Out — June 2024

Get the Popcorn Out — June 2024

Chicken Run (2000) By DreamWorks Animation

This heartwarming tale follows a group of chickens trapped in a monotonous life of laying eggs on a farm in Yorkshire. Their hopes soar when a charismatic American rooster joins their ranks, as they believe he holds the key to their freedom. But as a chicken-pie making machine threatens their very existence, they are forced to think outside the coop and come up with a daring plan to break free.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) By Warner Brothers Studios

A young boy hailing from a humble background yearns for a chance to uncover the coveted golden tickets concealed within delectable chocolate bars. These tickets hold the key to an extraordinary adventure inside the whimsical and enigmatic Willy Wonka’s enchanting factory. Will he be the fortunate soul to stumble upon the final ticket and witness his wildest dreams materialize before his very eyes?

Mulan (1998) By Walt Disney Pictures

Mulan, driven by the fear of her father being conscripted into the Chinese military, makes a bold decision. Despite being a girl in a society dominated by men, she takes her father’s place. With her quick thinking, she disguises herself as a man and embarks on a journey to train alongside other recruits. Alongside her loyal companion, Mushu the dragon, Mulan utilizes her intelligence to defend against a Hun invasion. Amidst the chaos, she finds herself falling for a charming captain.

Hercules (1997) By Walt Disney Pictures

Cast away from his divine heritage, the son of Zeus and Hera is robbed of his immortality during infancy, destined to embark on a heroic journey to regain his godly status.