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Endless Summer is the soundtrack for September

Endless Summer is the soundtrack for September

The title of the Beach Boys album “Endless Summer” has been resonating with me in these waning days of summer. The season isn’t endless but it doesn’t end when school starts.

And while the kids have their new cozy hoodies, long pants and shoes, there is some shorts-and-sandal weather to come. September has days that match the sunny groove of the Beach Boy hits from the ‘60s that the “Endless Summer” compilation features.

One way to extend the season is to keep using the barbecue. If you’re bored with what you’ve been grilling for the past couple of months, check out the barbecue recipes in this issue. Fresh corn-on-the-cob is a late season crop ripe for grilling. Use those fresh herbs from the garden or some savoury spices to flavour butter.

Perhaps you’re already a grilled corn convert but have you tried grilling French toast? Our new recipe feature page holds the secrets of how to use the barbecue to make this breakfast or dessert treat. Corn and sweet desserts aren’t recommended for babies but it is important to feed them “real” food and introduce lots of flavours and textures. This month’s Baby feature provides some helpful tips.

Parents want their children to be healthy and providing nutritious food is critical to achieving that goal. Exercise is also key and there are so many ways to fit physical activity into our lives. Organized sports is one of them and perhaps your family has been inspired by this summer’s Pan Am Parapan Am Games.

Canadians shone on the rugby pitch with the men and women scrumming for gold. As I write this column our Parpan Am Games wheelchair rugby athletes are in preliminary rounds and are expected to face the United Stares in the gold medal match. Admittedly, rugby isn’t a usual choice for kids at least not until they reach high school.

James Pritchard, a member of the Rugby Canada men’s team and father of two young boys promotes the sport to younger kids in his article featured in the Junior section of this issue. Of course he’s biased but one can’t fault his enthusiasm and concern for the health of kids who aren’t active enough.

As you and your kids get ready for school to begin, remember that it’s officially summer until the 22nd.