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Digging for dinos

Digging for dinos

This past weekend, we went on a dinosaur adventure at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington. Battle of the Titans is a formidable clash between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops and a perfect outing for young children.

Our adventure began by exploring the giant dinosaur models. My two-year old was a little apprehensive at first, but once he realized they weren’t going to chance him, he became quite adventurous. From touching a T-Rex’s tooth and a Triceratops’ horn to meeting a baby dinosaur and feeling dinosaur skin, the kids were thrilled.

The dino adventure continued with a Storyosaurus where the RBG’s paleontologists captivated the imagination of the children. Then they explored to the digital dig pit, which was a big hit with all the kids. Little hands brushed away digital dirt to reveal images of fossil bones of various dinosaurs and then the bones transformed into a dinosaur searching for food.

For an extra two dollars, the kids were able to participate in a special dinosaur dig. Wearing safety goggles, they each dug into a bucket of sand to choose a rock and then using hammers, nails and files they uncovered a little toy dinosaur buried deep inside.  Our dinosaur adventure came to end as we watched the Prehistoric Puppet Show. For 20 minutes the kids were engaged as dinosaur puppets chatted about the living life as a dinosaur, but a T-Rex baby puppet stole the show. Cradled in the arm of a paleontologist, the baby TRex was covered with feathers and named Earl. When my daughter asked why he was wearing a muzzle, the paleontologist told her Earl didn’t understand that biting guests visiting the RBG was wrong. He then pointed to Earl’s sharp teeth through the muzzle, which caused Earl to snap playfully at the finger. The kids all squealed with delight.

On a cold and snowy Sunday, visiting the RBG was refreshing adventure. Aside from the dinosaurs, the kids had a great time exploring the Mediterranean garden filled tropical plants and cacti, and of course the fish captivated them for 10 minutes.

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