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Choosing the Perfect Photographer

Choosing the Perfect Photographer

In the ever changing world of photography, everybody and their uncle claims to be a photographer. When it comes time to choose a professional photographer to photographer your children, it is important to make informed decision in order not to be disappointed.

To begin, one first needs to determine on the style or look that would best portray your child or family. Knowing what style you want will help you select a photographer whose portfolio best reflects this style. In today’s modern world, the internet is an excellent source for finding and viewing pro shooter’s portfolios. Using a search engine one can easily compile a list of potential candidates and their studios. Review their portfolio or gallery. It should be both technically proficient and artistically striking. In the case of children’s photography, the studio should have had significant exposure to children to best capture their unpredictable nature. Usually the portfolio will clearly reflect this with many children samples.

Short list a few studios and give them a call or better yet go meet them. Determine if the photo environment is welcoming, clean and friendly. How is the photographer? Common sense and overall impression will help you make a wise decision.

And don’t necessarily choose based on price. Usually, as in most any industries, cheap is not good and good is not cheap. The reality is you get what you pay for.

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