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January 2020

By Jenna Mohammed CLIF Peppermint Bark When you’re in a crunch for time, grabbing a CLIF bar is your best bet. They keep you full for hours and taste delicious too. The new, limited-edition flavor peppermint bark will provide you with a

By Sara Dimerman   Sesame Street celebrated its 50th anniversary in November 2019. Funny how the long-loved characters Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie and friends, never age. What has changed, however, is some of this well reputed show's content. Gone are the

By Jenna Mohammed Cutetitos Cutetitos are adorable collectible stuffed animals wrapped and hidden in burrito blankets. Twelve new characters have been added. Each Cutetito comes with its own burrito blanket, personality “Hot Spot” (mild, medium, hot or super spicy), and Pet Collector card