Goals worth achieving

I want my children to know how to weigh the cost of a goal, to consider the sacrifice that it will require, and then to do the things that are really important to them. 

Age appropriate viewing

When I’m deciding whether to take my kids to a movie, I don’t ask, “What’s the rating?

Teach your kids to receive gifts graciously


International etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer offers advice for teaching kids to receive gifts graciously.   

The Gift of Giving

This Christmas, our three kids were introduced to something new. They were asked to buy or make something for each other. 

First day of snow

I’m not sure why the first day of true snow is a disaster every year, but it is.

Make some time to be a maker this Christmas


A craft that my sons and I create fresh each year utilizes gumdrops as the medium for wintery scenes with figures resembling elves and Santa.