Money talks: Teaching children the value of a dollar


Helping children learn about the value of a dollar takes some work and planning for parents, but it’s decidedly possible.

Get into the holiday spirit at Harbourfront


Gather with friends and family, remember and celebrate your ancestors with music, dance, art, ofrendas and more.

Farm fresh fun at The Royal


From horses stomping and pigs snorting, to chef challenges and savoury treats, the 93rd annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is an experience like no other. 

Gifts money can’t buy


Betsy Taylor, founder and president of the Center for a New American Dream, encourages parents to focus on meeting kids’ deeper wants and needs, instead of getting caught up in the “more is more” consumer culture. 

Growing Up Online: Should toys talk to kids


“Many child development experts believe that children benefit most from simple toys that give them open-ended opportunities to experiment and explore.”

I'd walk a hundred miles


Keegan walks 100 miles to convince people to leave their cars at home and walk in an effort that raised funds for the David Suzuki Foundation.

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