Splitting Easter Without Breaking Eggs or Hearts


The good news is, you can have a happy holiday and it is possible to successfully navigate the holidays as a divorced, co-parent, even if it’s your first Easter apart.

How to adopt healthy habits with electronics


If you’ve noticed an odd quietness about the house or your latest Internet or mobile bill skyrocket, it can be a sign that the electronic usage has crept out of control. 

Building Empathy in an Online World


There’s no doubt that, with the help of social media, some people boast and lie, spread rumours and behave like bullies online. Of course, the same thing could be said about the typical middle school cafeteria. 

March Break Fun for the Family


An overview of family friendly events to keep the family having fun throughout the March Break. 

Calculating the cost of divorce


In Ontario, more than 40 per cent of marriages end before reaching the 30th anniversary, according to Stats Canada. And, this past month, January, has routinely been the preferred month for couples to start down the road to divorce.

Winter camping 101: An essential guide to enjoying the outdoors in winter


Camping is a beloved Canadian pastime, but booking a popular campsite during the peak summer months can be as challenging as catching rare Pokémon.

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