On the bookshelf


Looking for a new book? Check out some of these great picks!

Mobile camp brings the camp experience to the city


Can’t make it to the lake? Muskoka Wood’s new City Camp brings all of the fun to you. 

Boosting confidence one t-shirt at a time


With the slogan ‘some clothes cost more than you think’, the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) is striving to empower girls to think critically about gender stereotypes, challenge sexist media messages, and to find their voice.

Childhood Arthritis Awareness Month: Ayden S.


Eight-year-old Burlington resident Ayden S. is trying to #kickarthritis 

How to keep fit with the family

It’s time to put our multi-tasking skills to better use and bring back an interactive family time. 

Apology to a second child


 Dearest Daughter,

This letter is long overdue. I have needed to send it since you were about eight...

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