Pros and cons of cursive writing

Various experts and educators have weighed in on the lasting benefits of cursive handwriting. Here are just a few of the benefits proponents of cursive writing point to...

Growing up online: common sense rules for augmented reality


Pokemon GO may be the first breakthrough game to use augmented reality (AR), but it certainly won’t be the last.

Costume ideas for a Halloween to remember


For parents, Halloween can be fun…and a little bit of a hassle. Costumes, candy buckets, bad weather and often staying up late on a school night come into play for the sake of fun. 

Be inspired at Harbourfront Centre


Harbourfront Centre is the perfect place to inspire your kids with dance, film, literature and more.

Back-to-school finds


Kids want to dress to impress when they head back to class and parents can feel pressured to over-spend on clothing and supplies.

Join the games: throw your own Olympic themed party


Get into the spirit of the Olympic games by hosting family friendly events in your own backyard. Check out a few of our ideas for games, crafts, decorations, food and medals.

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