Summer camp a wise choice for youth development


In years past, Canadian children traditionally went to camp for a month or the entire summer. After pouring over brochures or choosing where mom or dad had gone, a camp was selected, and the kids would return summer after summer.

St. Patrick’s Day fun for little leprechauns


St. Patrick's Day is a time of year when everyone gets to celebrate Irish heritage.

Get your home emergency plan in order


In a world full of unknowns it’s important to have an emergency plan in place, so your family knows exactly what to do in the case of an emergency. 

Backseat boredom busters


You can limit whining, minimize screen-time and start your vacation as soon as you buckle up.   

Etiquette and raising children


Kids need the face-to-face interactions to develop empathy for others and to, in turn, build and develop proper manners and etiquette.

Camp Expo connects kids with learning opportunities


When families think of camp they often think ‘fun’! But a camp experience for a child is so much more than that.

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