No naked riding: Parents encouraged to wear a bike helmet



In Ontario, under the Highway Traffic Act (HTC), bicycles are considered to be a vehicle. As such, cyclists are bound by all traffic laws. For those 18 years of age and younger, that includes wearing a helmet.

Amusement park safety tips


With summer in full swing, many families may be thinking about heading to an amusement park or summer festival for a fun day riding stomach-dropping roller coasters, Ferris wheels and spinning swings....

Memories are made on vacations


Consider reviving the family road trip vacation. It’s one of the best experiences parents and kids can share, says Michael DiLorenzo, author of Adventures with Jonny: Road Trip to the Parks!...

Sleep tips for summer vacation


Summer is here and warm weather means cottage, camping, and road trip time....

Fight dragons and find treasure


Families can cast spells, reveal hidden treasures, and defeat a fire-breathing dragon with the launch of the world’s largest action adventure game called MagiQuest....

How to be a tourist in your own town

Save money this summer by taking a vacation in your own town – a staycation. Here’s how to enjoy your time just like a tourist....

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