From ukuleles to speech arts, festival showcases talent


The Rotary Burlington Music Festival is a competition and an opportunity for amateur musicians to perform before friendly audiences, but above all, it’s designed to be fun.

Relationship travel truth tips


No matter what the stage of your relationship, a vacation with your partner might be just what the doctor ordered.

Wolf Your World Tour


Avoid the vacation sleep slump: Keep kids well-rested on the road, and have a happier trip


Anyone who’s ever toted a toddler through a busy airport knows that vacations wreak havoc on kids’ sleep patterns. You don’t have to sacrifice sleep in the name of family fun on vacation. 

Easy tips for family camping


The quintessential outdoor trip for every family is the camping trip. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a total newbie, you’re going to want to take a tip or two from me, as camping with kids can be complicated – but it’s definitely worth it!

Unlikely items to enhance your next camping trip


You’ve got the tent, the sleeping bags, the cooler and the matches but what about the glow sticks or the pita bread?

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