Bad Behaviour: Taking the sting out of someone else’s response


As the parent of a child who has special needs, I have been in many situations where people have meant well in their response to something but rather, left me feeling like a mess.

All dolled up: playing in a doll universe


Nine-year-old Trinity Ann was an only child until last year, when her baby sister Tesla was born. It was Darcy and Audrey who kept her busy – she would bathe and feed them, sing and read to them.

Teach your kids to receive gifts graciously


International etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer offers advice for teaching kids to receive gifts graciously.   

Ready, set, Kids’ Run Club is a go


For many kids, getting the blood pumping is more likely to result from playing an intense video game than shooting hoops or riding a bike. Certainly, today’s youth are not the most active generation ever.

Teachable Talents


When my daughter was in Grade 4, a proud tear sprang to my eye when her teacher, known to be a stern taskmaster, declared: “Rebecca has something that can’t be taught –  motivation.”

Driving home road safety this Halloween


Driving home the importance of road safety can make Halloween less frightening for trick-or-treaters

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