Hosting a kid-friendly dinner party


Kids can add some life to a dinner party, but hosts may want to employ a few strategies to ensure their kid-friendly dinner parties are enjoyable for adults and children alike.

Cool kid decor stuff


If your home, sweet home includes kids, here are some decor ideas sized and themed just  right for them.

Disney on Ice: Anticipation


As I think about taking my daughter to the upcoming Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove show in Toronto on Friday, Dec. 19, there is one word that keeps running through my mind. Anticipation.

Gift ideas for Santa's helpers


Playing Santa can be a challenge. Take a virtual trip to Santa's gift shop with this collection of kid-pleasing ideas.

Gifts to keep kids engaged


Try these these strategies to select a gift that will continue to inspire and excite children long after the holiday season has come and gone.

Making the most of school field trips: Parents can make a difference


Parents have a vital role to play in school field trips.

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