Doing it themselves

By doing it all ourselves, we train our kids not to take responsibility, and we prevent them from learning how to do things on their own.

Classroom Secrets:Know your brain


One of the most powerful revelations for many kids and adults is realizing that behaviours, like impulsivity and ADD, have specific brain functions associated with them.

Thanksgiving gets crafty


Here are three kid friendly crafts to help inspire your Thanksgiving décor and get the whole family involved.

Say goodbye to ghosts (and other childhood fears)


 When your child comes to you for help with a fear, engage in some critical thinking.

Free Family Show at RBG


City Parent’s Free Family Show at Royal Botanical Gardens on Saturday, Oct. 25 begins with a treat of loot bags for the first 750 guests

Dress-up play sets the stage for creativity and learning


If you have a seven-year-old who’s pushing 14, don’t blame her princess costumes.

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