Children who


Children, with their strong sense of right and wrong, are often troubled by the unfairness life seems to mete out to children in developing countries. In the past decade, a surprising number of children, for example, Craig Kielburger, have ...

Coming-of-age books for older readers


Looking back we can all spot choices that changed our lives. Books for older readers often deal with the coming-of-age moments that dot the universal journey from childhood to maturity.
Marthe Jocelyn has written with great panache a...

Animals take the lead in these tales


Animals can make charming main characters. Here are some who have exciting adventures that also manage to be heartwarming....

The couple connection


While expecting junior number one, my wife and I actually got sick of hearing the words “your life is going to change” from all the parents around us. “Tell us something we don't know,” was our first reaction to those comments, but ...

Choice books, great gifts


This is the season for splurging on wonderful books for the young readers in your family. Fortunately many new books in the stores rise to the occasion.
Jean Little’s newest picture book, The Sweetest One of All (No...

Motivational math


Who’d have thought that cute little Winnie Cooper, you know, the actress from the Wonder Years would turn into a math wiz? Danica McKellar is actually much more than that, she’s turned into math guru for young teenage girls thanks to he...

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