Time to move on to chapter books


By January many new readers have consolidated their skills enough to want the challenge of reading a whole book. Many publishers have obliged with short, action- packed stories liberally sprinkled with illustrations to help comprehension. ...

Finding your space in MySpace


Two teenagers are walking to school. Their baggy, low-slung jeans are miraculously hanging to their hips, which leads one to believe that there must be a belt somewhere under the untucked shirt and undone jacket. A steady pulse of music co...

Page advice: Books for children of all ages


Children love to read and be read to. Books make the perfect holiday gift. Here are my picks:

Gripping suspense grabs onto boys


Adventure stories for boys come in many guises, but all have one thing in common: at one point in the story, if not more, the action becomes heart-stoppingly suspenseful.  Just what boys love....

Teen voices heard in stories of personal discovery


Capturing in print the sound and sensibilities of today’s teenagers is not easy. Some writers have a wonderful ear for the edgy, irreverent and often shockingly perceptive way teens think and talk. Here are a few who strike exactly the ri...

This 'stew' has wrong recipe


Stephen Beck's completely literal interpretation of the Bible outlined in his book A Father's Stew is, to a columnist who believes that women should be allowed to work out of the home if they like, completely out of whack....

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