Books are vehicles on life's highway


Stories often take readers on journeys. Whether physical or emotional, journeys can open our eyes to new possibilities. The protagonist in Hazel Hutchins and Gail Herbert’s Mattland (Annick Press,...

Not your average children


Remarkable children are fascinating. In the following stories we meet children, some from real life, some fictional, who not only achieve more than the average person, but also seem able to endure more hardships. ...

Sedation not an option


If you bought I Wanna Be Sedated and read only the first story, you would get your money's worth. The bonus is that there are 29 stories that follow that are every bit as good in this funny, poignant and incredibly well-written bo...

Sucking in our teenagers


We parents can't avoid it and, you can be sure, we're not half as vulnerable as our kids are to the process. The branding of everything from clothes to coffee to beer pervades just about every minute of our lives these days. If you're even...

Cool it with your teen


When Calgary's Dr. Scott Wooding finally got sick of the way the conversation in the life skills class  he was teaching kept turning to parents, he challenged his class to do a project called "Design the Ideal Parents." (Sin...

Visit the Great White (far) North


Canada’s Arctic has been much in the news over the past months. With global warming radically changing the north, here are books that remind us of how things used to be.
In Arctic Adventures: Tales from the Lives of Inu...

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