Books that will bring on the boys


Boys like adventure stories with lots of action, some death-defying thrills and maybe a little humour. All of these elements are present in this handful of  well-told stories.
Shane Peacock narrates the Boy Sherlock H...

Questions that baffle us


Someone much wiser than I often tells me that one of the most important aspects of being a parents is taking time for our own relationships. Since that “someone” is my mother-in-law, I'm actually allowed – in very specific situations ...

The quiz that will tell all


Sure, I'm a normal parent. I have a 10-year-old son who got to spend Father's Day with me this year doing exactly what I've done every father's day for the last 13 years: announce at a race. The poor kid was so exhausted by the end of day ...

Summer reading to make you smile


Long summer days give us time for contemplation as well as play. These new titles take us into summer with a smile.
For a start let’s tag along with author Carolyn Beck and illustrator Andrea Beck as they take us through

Fun with fictional families


The dynamics of family life present many opportunities for drama and turbulence. There can also be some hilarious moments as the following stories show.
Gail Banning has put her fictional family Out on a Limb (Key Po...

The voice of experience


Are you what might be described as a helicopter parent? Are you the kind of parent who hovers around your children, trying to make sure that everything is just right for them? Do you believe that your kids are entitled to good marks, to su...

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