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COOL STUFF: Back To School

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COOL STUFF: Back To School

To get a ‘hand’ with math homework, try these hand, apple and puck shaped calculators. Available in a variety of colours, these quirky accessories add an element of fun to any equation. $2.98-$4.98

Girls will enjoy the Plush Poison line of school accessories. With everything from notebooks to zipper binders, this line carries all the “must have” accessories for any tween heading off on the first day of class. Notebook: $2.98-$4.98  Zipper Binder: $16.98

This versatile backpack from Reebok has a variety of compartments to fit in anything and everything students may need. From heavy duty binders to sports gear, students can go from class to practice to home and back again while keeping everything in one place. $39.98

Disney fans can show their love for stars like Miley Cyrus with special Disney school accessories. The Hanna Montana line includes binders with bonus tab dividers, notebooks, pens, pencil cases, backpacks and lunch bags. Products range from $2.98-$24.98.

Dickies has a variety of bright backpacks and totes to suit every student’s carrying needs. The Splatter Backpack is stylish and functional while the Tokyo Tote has a cool design and exterior pocket space to carry books from class to class. Backpack: $24.98 Tote: $21.98