Cool Stuff

By Sara Duck

Dinosaur Poster

Teach your children about some of the most recognizable prehistoric creatures and add some kid-friendly art to their room at the same time with this fun dino poster. $18. Hm.com

Dinosaur Poster

Cotton Reading Nook

Create an inviting reading environment in any room with this instant reading nook in cotton. Encourage your little ones to cosy up with a book each day in a space they can enjoy all to themselves. $109. Hm.com

Cotton Reading Nook

Owl Toys Kirumy Friends Bowling Set

This adorable soft toy bowling set is perfect for ages one and up and comes in an easy-to-go zip-up case. $30. Mastermindtoys.com

Apple Cake: A Gratitude by Dawn Casey

This simple and sweet picture book encourages children to be grateful for everything around them. A recipe at the end of the book is a perfect way to put gratitude into practice with your child. $19. Indigo.ca

Apple Cake

Squishmallows in Capsule by Kelly Toys

These soft and squishy mini animals are sure to be a hit with any child who loves to open a mystery pack! $8 each.

Brushies Set Chomps

Teach good oral hygiene from an early age with this finger puppet toothbrush and book set. Trust us; there will be no tears when it comes time to brushing your little one’s teeth. $25.

Brushies Set Chomps

Fidget Face Stress Ball

Does your child feel a little anxious at times? Stress balls are known for their great mental health benefits, including calming nerves. Your child will also love the fun colours and squeezy feel. $5. Mastermindtoys.com

Stress Ball

Narwhal Free For All! Game

This family-friendly game will have you flinging rings onto the tusks of floating narwhals. Copious amounts of fun and laughter included. $30. Mastermindtoys.com