Cool Stuff

By Jenna Mohammed


Tamagotchi On: Virtual Pet Magic

Tamagotchi is back with the next generation of the interactive virtual pet called Tamagotchi On with a fairy theme and a several shell colours to choose from. Nurture your Tamagotchi character and explore Tamagotchi Planet by feeding, cleaning, and helping your pet make friends.  Available at Toys R Us and Indigo. $79.95


L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper

This 2-in-1 Glamper is the first ever vehicle for your dolls. Take them on a fabulous road trip! Featuring a café and BBQ patio to relax in before heading to sleep, this glamper has a ton of amenities for your dolls. The front compartment detaches and becomes a separate car with a D.J. booth and working headlights too. Available at Indigo, Walmart, and Mastermind Toys. $159.99


Ravensburger Monster Slap Game

The slime monsters have escaped in Monster City! This slimy gang shuffles around the city and slaps the city monsters with their sticky, slimy hands.  But it’s not just the city monsters – the slime monsters are slapping each other too! Who will slap the most monsters and be the first to reach the ladder? Available at Mastermind Toys. $19


Rubik’s Edge

Enjoy the art of problem solving at home or on the go. The one-layer cube is designed for beginners, so you can take on more complex cubes with ease. This my be the easiest cube yet, but still not a cube to take lightly. Available at Indigo. $9.95


Bouncy Boing Hippo

Hop around on your hippity hippo or wobble on the spot. This sturdy hippo is made from rubber and its feet keep the itself upright. The fabric handkerchief gives it a touch of adorable style. It also comes with a manual air pump to get up to a maximum bounce in five to ten minutes. Perfect for ages 18 to 5 years old.  Available at Indigo and Hudson’s Bay. $24.95


Growing Crystals Experiment Kit

Children interested in science and geology will love this crystal growing kit. The kit contains all the materials and tools to perform seven different crystal growth experiments. A special display case is included to admire the crystals and place them on display one they have fully grown. Available at Indigo. $24.95


Baby Shark Song Puppet

A must for any baby shark fan. Experience the hit song in a fun and interactive way with this song puppet. It plays just by moving its mouth and you can change the speed of the song by moving its mouth faster or slower, so you can experience the song in fun ways. Available at Toys R Us, Indigo, and Hudson’s Bay. $19.94

Sharper Image Ceiling Projection Star Light Speaker

Turn any bedroom into a northern lights haven. This LED light projects colourful starts and patterns on the ceiling. It also features a wireless music player that connects to Bluetooth. The rechargeable battery gives you hours of listening time. Available at Toys R Us. $19.99


Handy Famm

This super fun retractable measuring tape enables kids to work alongside their parents on real-life building and DIY products. It features an innovative built-in leveler and angle finder that are incorporated into the bird’s rotating eyelid, this product is functional as it is fun. Available at $12.99  US plus shipping


DoodleMatic Mobile Game Maker

Turn hand drawings into real playable mobile video games on your iOS device. The DoodleMatic brings creativity and fun together. With dozens of game design concepts, this product it perfect for kids interested in tech and computer programming. Available at Mastermind Toys. $39.99


Columbia Anna Down Cape

Part of Columbia’s Disney Frozen 2 collection, the Anna Down Cape is adorable and stylish. This limited-edition down cape with gold Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective lining, gold-chrome hardware and Anna’s beautiful wheat symbol lets you venture outdoors in comfort and style. $379.99


Kuiper Logan Boot

Perfect for transition months, the Logan boot is effortlessly stylish. The Superfit waterproof seal of approval will keep feet warm in temperature up to minus 30 degrees Celsius. It also features a removable sock liner and adjustable strap to make dressing for the winter months much easier. Available at $60


Sphero SPRK+

The Sphero SPRK+ takes a hands-on approach to learning. This educational robot is designed to teach programming to kids across several platforms using JavaScript. Using an app-enabled commands to foster creativity through discovery and play, this product is perfect for all skill levels. Available at $129.99


Funko Pop! Figurine

Could any sight be more cheerful than a smiling Mrs. Claus holding a tray of freshly baked gingerbread cookies? With her purr-fect companion Candy Cane at her feet and a jaunty piece of holly in her red cap, Pop! Mrs. Claus is the perfect Peppermint Lane ambassador. $10


PAW Patrol Three Wheel Scooter

Kids will enjoy being outdoors with this PAW Patrol theme three-wheel scooter. It’s easy to control and perfect for learning to ride. It’s never too early to put on a helmet and roll! Available at Toys R U. $34.97


Ice Palace Play Tent

Visit faraway lands from your bedroom or backyard with this Ice Palace Play Tent. With a roll-up door, staying safe and passing secret messages has never been easier. The tent sets up easily, is made with durable and long-lasting polyester fabric, and is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Available at Mastermind Toys. $39.99


Mega Construx Detective Pikachu

There’s no case you can’t solve with this buildable Detective Pikachu figure. This Mega block puzzle contains 232-pieces and stands 6.25 inches tall. Give Detective Pikachu’s tail a flick and watch it spring into action. Available at Toys R Us and $29.99


Luigi’s Mansion Three

The third installment it the haunted mansion games, Luigi embarks on a dream vacation with Mario and his friends, only his dream becomes a nightmare when King Boo ploys to capture them. Luigi explores the treacherous floors of the now-ominous hotel on a quest to save his friends. Available at major retailers. $79.99