Book on the Shelf

By Jane Muller

See How We Move!

A First Book of Health and Well-Being

By Scot Ritchie

Another addition to the Exploring Our Community series follows Pedro, Sally, Nick, Yulee, and Martin as they practice before the next day’s race, have some fun, and meet an Olympic swimmer. The kids’ activities provide a framework in which award-winning author Scot Ritchie, presents lot of information about health and fitness in a fun, engaging and colourful style. The members of the swim team illustrate goal setting, teamwork and respect, coping skills and developing confidence as well as nutrition as fuel and mind-body connections. It’s a great introduction to the benefits of active play. Ages 4 to 7 – Publisher, Kids Can Press – $16.99 hardcover

Llama Llama loves to read

By Anna Dewdney

It’s exciting when a child learns to recognize letters and then words and finally is able to read. Llama Llama is at that significant stage of life in this edition of the beloved Llama Llama series. From practicing letter identification to a trip to the library, this book follows the literary journey upon which all little kids will embark on their way to becoming readers. Llama Llama is the perfect friend to guide them along. Ages 3 to 5 – Publisher, Kids Can Press – $16.99 hardcover

Old Misery

By James Sage, illustrator Russell Ayto

Misery may not seem like a great topic for a children’s book but it is in this playful allegory based on the life of an old woman named Old Misery. Recognizing that misery exists in the world is the foundation of this story that uses dark humour in the style of Lemony Snicket and Edward Gorey. The two-colour, pen-and-ink illustrations evoke the eccentric and slightly macabre feel of the book. Old Misery’s knack for self preservation and that of her cherished apple tree is delivered with a vintage vibe. Ages 5 to 9 – Publisher, Kids Can Press – $18.99 hardcover

EveryBody’s Different on EveryBody Street

By Sheree Fitch,


Emma Fitzgerald

The author, one of the best poets for kids, likes poems that make her think, as opposed to poems that tell her what to think. That preference comes through in her work and definitely contributes to the appeal of this book that creatively spotlights mental illness. Her signature wit and mastery of language combine to convey how to celebrate our differences and our sameness. The illustrations are just as lively as the rhymes. This is a beautiful book that will spark discussions about how we can look at the world with understanding and compassion. Ages 4 to 8 – Publisher, Nimbus – $22.95 hardcover

She Persisted Around the World

By Chelsea Clinton, illustrator Alexandra Boiger

This inspirational book includes the stories of 13 incredible women who have shaped history across the globe. The persistence and courage of Marie Curie, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Viola Desmond, Sissi Lima do Amor, Leymah Gbowee, Caroline Herschel, Wangari Maathai, Aisha Rateb, J.K. Rowling, Kate Sheppard, Yuan Yuan Tan, Mary Verghese and Malala Yousafzai are featured. Each brief story, written in simple language, is accompanied by vibrant artwork. Ages 4 to 8 – Publisher, Penguin Canada– $23.99 hardcover

Hot on the Trail in Ancient Egypt

By Linda Bailey,

illustrator Bill Slavin

Time travel is an effective vehicle for exploring history. This re-issue from an award-winning and critically acclaimed series of graphic novels by Linda Bailey is a return trip to ancient Egypt. The fast-paced adventure story doubles as a thoroughly researched historical overview from the unique perspective of modern children. The story is supported by the physical comedy portrayed in the fun illustrations. Ages 8 to 12 – Publisher, Kids Can Press – $12.99 paperback

Iqbal and His Ingenious Idea

By Elizabeth Suneby,

illustrator Rebecca Green

Award-winning author Elizabeth Suneby’s well researched and encouraging story introduces young children to the problems associated with open-flame cooking in the developing world, as well as background information on sustainable technology. A Bangladeshi boy’s concern for the health of his mother and baby sister who are exposed to smoke from their indoor cooking fire inspires him to develop a solar-powered cooker. Sales from his invention fund the purchase of a smoke-free indoor propane cooker to use during monsoon season. Instructions for making a simple solar cooker are included. Ages 8 to 12 – Publisher Kids Can Press – $19.99

When Paul Met Artie: The Story of Simon & Garfunkel

By G. Neri, illustrator David Litchfield

Even if Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits album isn’t one of your all-time favourites, their story would be no less engaging. This accessible biography follows one of the most beloved and successful duos of all time from childhood friendship to brief teenage stardom and from early failures to musical greatness. The wonderfully illustrated book includes an afterword, a discography, a bibliography, and a fascinating list of song influences. Ages 8 to 12 – Publisher, Candlewick Press – $23.99

The Turnkey of Highgate Cemetery

By Allison Rishby

It’s Flossy’s job to ensure that everyone buried in Highgate Cemetery is resting peacefully. Set during the Second World War, this eerie tale finds the 12-year-old ghost struggling to maintain that peace against an evil foe. An interesting paranormal mystery with a historical bent, this book will definitely intrigue young readers. Ages 8 to 12 – Publisher, Candlewick Press – $21.99 hardcover