High Voltage strategies for when you’re down


When we're down it usually means we're tired, have no energy or drive, we're not motivated or we're stuck. It's that feeling that we just can't get things in motion.

Let me assure you that this state is common and happens quite often and we might not even be aware of it. For example, this week I found it hard to write my blog; I thought it was because I didn't have time, but the truth is, I wasn't motivated!

So how did I eventually write it? I was inspired when I came up with a new name for my business: High Voltage Coaching!

You see, the last coaching session I participated in revolved around 'what now, what next' questions. I did some personal exploration and wrote down some possibilities; by the time I got to the action steps I was on my feet writing down my to do's and couldn't wait to get started on them. What had happened during that activity was that I found something that got me so motivated that it felt as if energy was flowing out of me in all directions. So when my coach looked at me and said: "You are high voltage!"- I knew exactly what she meant.

I'm sure you've experienced that exhilaration before (not from using illegal substances!) and know how sweet that feeling is. This is why I'd like to share with you some steps to climb up when you're feeling down, that will help you be 'high voltage':

1. Awareness: Take a moment to absorb what those feelings are i.e. frustration, anger, boredom…

2. Acceptance: you can't fight those feelings; they are real, so go with them. Denial won't do you any good.

3. Understanding: what's causing you to feel like that? what's holding you back?

4. Motivation: what gets you motivated and inspired? what makes you happy? Find what that is and act upon it e.g. seeing a movie, spending time with your kids, working out, reviewing your achievements…

5. Learn: Know what can bring you down, but most importantly know what can bring you back up!

Being down is a great opportunity to pause and take a moment to recharge, to get re-energized, to reflect on what you've achieved and to review where you're at in life.

Energy doesn't run on a straight line, it does so in waves – sometimes it's up and other times it's down – but it is still energy.

Be aware of the things that get you motivated and you will be high voltage more often than not.

And if you need help, motivation or advice, call the High Voltage Coach, I will get you there.


Life, The Coach Shiri way.

Shiri Gabriel, Career Consultant and Life Coach