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5 Health Areas for All the Men in Your Life to Focus on

5 Health Areas for All the Men in Your Life to Focus on

Did you know in a study performed by the Cleveland Clinic, more than 70% of men said they would rather do household chores than go to the doctor? As we watch the men in our lives grow from boyhood into adulthood, how do we remind them that their health is a priority? What areas of their health should they monitor more than others? From the top of their head down, here are some areas of health men should pay attention to at any stage of their lives.

Mental Health

Growing from adolescence into adulthood can lead to some confusing and overwhelming times. Between anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, it can be important to find someone to talk to. That can be a struggle for men, as they are far less likely to seek out mental health counseling than women. Checking on your mental health is an incredibly important aspect of your overall wellness. Whether you foster some great coping skills like journaling or playing an instrument, or you seek out a counselor to help you navigate your mental health journey, it’s important to find whatever may work for you.

Eye Health

It’s suggested that you see your eye doctor regularly and to not skip your annual appointment just because you think your eyesight hasn’t changed. With the increased screen time we have all endured during the pandemic, it may be beneficial to have your eyes checked out for even the most minor of changes to your prescription. One small change to your vision can lead to a whole new prescription for your eyeglasses. Investing in new eyeglasses can have you seeing to the best of your ability and improve your overall quality of life, as the wrong prescription lenses can cause headaches and eyestrain overtime.

Heart Health

As men grow older it’s especially important for them to focus on their heart health, as it has been reported that one in three men have cardiovascular issues they need to address. Maintaining a heart-healthy diet, as well as going to routine doctor’s appointments can help men take control of their heart health. Whether it’s being placed on blood pressure medication, or knowing to keep away from cholesterol-rich foods, creating a heart-healthy regime can put men in the driver’s seat of their own health journey.

Gut Health

As touched upon above, creating an appropriate and healthy diet will help enrich many facets of a man’s life. As men are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes, it’s important to create a diet that encourages healthy living. If diabetes is not diagnosed or treated, it could lead to severe health issues, such as limb loss or even death. Proactively combating the potential of Type 2 diabetes can include reducing unhealthy foods in your diet, exercising regularly, and having routine visits with your doctor to help create a comprehensive diet and prevention plan.

Prostate Health

Once men reach a certain age, generally around 50, they should start scheduling annual exams for their prostate and colon health. While many men put off these appointments thinking they are not necessary, it’s incredibly important that they have those exams to screen for any potential health issues, such as cancer or glandular problems. Making time for these appointments can help create a baseline understanding of your health for your doctors to measure any future abnormalities against.

Men often overlook managing their health as they see it as some sort of inconvenience. Reiterating that their health is important and worth monitoring will help increase the chance of them making their own doctor’