Stop summer reading slide

Learning loss can be a huge concern in the months between classroom learning and a lack of consistent reading practice is a contributing factor.

To help kids improve and excel at reading, Hoot Reading uses a proprietary reading app to match kids with classroom teachers. While the traditional packages include routine sessions, the new Hoot FLEX allows parents to schedule on-demand sessions, empowering families to take advantage of the summer months with more flexible tutoring options.

“The summer reading slide is a well-documented phenomenon that most children go through in their early academic lives,” says Carly Shuler, co-founder and CEO of Hoot Reading. “The two months away from the classroom can create a loss of learning that quickly sets them back when they return to school. Even 15 minutes of reading a day can keep kids on track, and with Hoot FLEX, we offer parents a service that can work around their hectic summer schedules from the comfort of their home, cottage, or anywhere they spend their summers.”

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