Ka-pow: Save the day with a superhero party plan

By Pam Molnar

Superheroes have been inspiring boys and girls for years and this generation is no less captivated. If your child is one of the thousands of kids who want a Superhero themed birthday party this year, have no fear. We will help you save the day with this Super-b party plan.


1.Villains and Supers – For this game, you will need 10 plastic cups per player. Spread out the cups in an open area with half of them up and half of them down. Split the players into two teams. On go, the Villains turn them up, and Supers turn them down. At the end of two minutes, the winner will be the team with the most cups in their direction.

2. Don’t Get Caught in the Web – Use crepe paper to make a web in a hallway or small space. Make the web challenging by overlapping strands. Time the players to see who can make it through the fastest without touching or ripping the web.

3. Knock Down – Print out faces of the superheroes’ nemesis like The Joker or Lex Luther and glue them to the front of cups or cans. Arrange them in a pyramid like a carnival game. Have the players use blue Frisbees (decorated like Captain America’s shield) to try to knock the villains down.

4. How strong is the Hulk? – Have kids wear green oven mitts or Hulk hands and try to pop balloons using only their hands. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

5. Who am I? – Print out pictures of both Supers and Villains and glue to index cards. Give the guests an elastic headband and tuck the cards inside (facing out) on their forehead. Players have to guess who they are by asking yes or no questions.

6. Got muscles? – We all know superheroes are strong. Have the kids wear a Men’s XL or 2XL shirt with sleeves. Blow up several different sized balloons. On go, two teams race to see how many muscles they can add to their Superhero.The winner has the biggest muscles.


1. Cape – Despite what Edna Mode from the “Incredibles” says, you just feel more like a Superhero when you wear a cape. Purchase coloured men’s t-shirts – one for each guest. Cut down the sides of the shirt and lay flat. Remove the sleeves. Cut along the seam of the shoulder to the neck. Leave the neck intact, but cut off the front part of the shirt. You are left with a cape that can be slipped over the kids’ head. Decorate with scraps from the other shirts using hot glue.

2. Canvas Painting– This can be done one of two ways. Like the sip and paint shops, walk the guests through step-by-step to create a Superhero logo. Another way to do this is to paint the canvas a solid colour ahead of time and tape a logo shape on the dried canvas. Place the canvas in a box to keep the mess to a minimum and have the kids drizzle or splat paint on top. Remove the tape when dried to reveal a cool Superhero logo design.

3. Paracord Bracelet – Use Superhero colours to make Paracord bracelets. Walmart.ca offers kits that includes  bracelets, buckles and directions. If you don’t like the colours in the kit, you can purchase specific colours separately.

Extra fun:

1. Photo Booth – Put a blue sheet on the ground to represent the sky. Add clouds made of pillow stuffing or paper and skyscrapers out of cardboard. Have kids lay down to give the appearance of them flying and be sure to adjust their capes! Stand above them on a ladder or chair and take the picture.

2. Rent a bounce house in the birthday star’s favourite character. It’s a great way to use up some of the kids’ Super-energy and a perfect place for the Superheros to try some of their moves.

3. Hire a face painter to add fun to the day. Or, for the more artistic parents, check out YouTube for some easy how-to videos to paint Superhero masks yourself.

Goody Bag Ideas:

Create a Bat signal flashlight with Batman sticker over the lens. Add a can of Silly String for Spiderman. Decorate a green Jello cup with a Kryptonite label or the Hulk’s face. Print out the comic book Pop!, Bang! and Splat! words to add to the front of bubble gum, a package of snap pops fireworks and dollar store paddle board games.