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Mommy Connections

Apr 30, 2013


Mommy Connections weekly classes provide a unique learning opportunity as well as a fun way to bond with your baby and other local moms in a social environment.  You'll get to try music, fitness, infant sign language and baby massage - all in one program!  You'll also learn about things like sleep, starting solids, CPR and finding the best childcare.  Mom To Be and Mom & Tot programs also available.  Mommy Connections provides educational and social connections for the modern family before baby & beyond!




Nov 20, 2013


FundScrip is a proven nationwide fundraising program that asks supporters of your group to pay for their everyday purchases (groceries, gas, gifts and household items) with gift cards bought through FundScrip. A percentage of the gift cards purchased is then donated to your group. Supporters can choose gift cards from over 175 retailers across Canada.


FundScrip has helped thousands of schools, sports teams, churches, community groups, and others reach their fundraising goals since 2004.



Mabel's Labels makes fundraising easy!

Nov 22, 2013

Our unbeatable, award-winning personalized labels are loved by Moms, teachers and kids. Parents simply shop through a specially created website and your group gets 20% >of sales. It¹s all done online, so it¹s eco-friendly and easy. We handle all orders, payments and deliveries to customers' homes. Our Fundraising Coordinator manages everything so you don¹t have to. It's really that simple! 

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