Create a hand-made Canada 150 t-shirt!


Create a personalized Canadian flag t-shirt that features your hand print as the maple leaf and send us a photo and/or video of you wearing it.

What you need to know about sedating children for dental work


Understand sedation and children's dentistry

Baby Got Back: Why babies bring the (back) pain and what you can do to stop it


Your little bundle of joy is on the way and you can’t get your mind off one thing: that aching feeling in your lower back that seems to just be getting worse by the day.... you are not alone.

Gertie the Goose lands on teething toy shelf


Say hello to Gertie. She is about seven inches tall, roughly shaped like a bowling pin with eyes and sports a bright orange beak and feet.

Turning houses into homes one piece of furniture at a time


Many of us take for granted the things that make a house a home. Much more than just four walls and a floor, we pride ourselves on our homes and consider them a personal reflection of who we are. 

Cool Stuff for Kids


Check out some of these fun items!

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