Parenting in Slogans

Children have difficulty listening sometimes. You may have noticed.

Playing Differently

I’m always amazed at how differently my kids play.

What could possibly go wrong

I grew up in a house of five boys in one of the safest cities on the planet in an era when helicopter parents (or drone parents, as I prefer to call them) would have been laughed off the playground. Even for that time, however, my parents gave us a long leash.

I'm a Bad Parent

If your at all trying to be a good parent, I can almost guarantee that at one point or another (probably even within the past twenty-four hours) you’ve felt like a bad parent. 


My wife and I had the house entirely to ourselves this past long weekend. It was the first time all the kids had been away and both of us had been at home for a whole weekend in – well, I can't remember how long.

Reading on the Porch

My kids are at daycamp this week. They're having fun wall-climbing, swimming, trampolining, and who knows what else. 

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