Believing the lie

One of my frustrations as a parent is when children convince themselves of an untruth so throughly that they act as though it’s true.

Taking responsibility

I got every parent’s favourite call yesterday – the one from the principal where you get asked to come by the office for a little chat about your kid – that call.

Three kids on a plane

So I’m taking three kids under 11 years of age on a plane trip to Georgia.

Don't Do Your Homework

So I don’t make my kids do their homework. I confess that it causes ongoing, low-grade conflict with their teachers, but I have my reasons.

Community Halloween

I don’t know how many neighbourhoods have an outdoor street party each year with live music and dancing and family costumes.

Trading on up

“Look, Dad!” my middle son said as he came home the other day. “I got an iPad!”

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