Enjoy it while you can

We’ve had a great couple of weeks around our house.

Sweating the small stuff

People will tell you not to sweat the small stuff, and that’s generally good advice I think. Especially as a parent, there are so many big things that need your attention that getting wrapped up in the details can be really counterproductive. 

Journalling together

I’ve started a joint writing journal with my middle son. There are a few reasons that this approach works for him.

In the red zone

We went with my middle son to our first appointment with the Occupational Therapist the other day.

What's your favourite

I’ve discovered over the years that one of the best ways to learn about someone is to ask after their influences.

Make 2017 the year of the toque

At this time of year it’s possible to consider the toque to be our national symbol.

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