Modeling failure

You’ve probably been there. After you’ve told your children that they shouldn’t do something countless times, they catch you doing it. 

Gone paintballin'

 My eldest son turned 12 this past week, and he decided that he wanted to go paintballing. 

Living creatively

My mom was down visiting from Manitoulin Island this past week, so we decided to put her considerable creativity to work in planning my youngest son’s sixth birthday party.

Permission to be scared

I wrote a few weeks back about the reasons why I don’t really worry too much about movie ratings when choosing what media to let my children watch.

Go deep into the ocean with the ROM's Blue Whale Exhibit


Have you ever wondered what noise a whale makes? Wanted to see whale poo? Or wondered how big a whale heart is? Visit the Royal Ontario Museum's Big Blie March Break to learn all about blue whales and marine biodiversity and preservation. 

The meaning of behaviour

I was teaching a parenting course on discipline last night, and I asked the class to offer some thoughts on the distinction between discipline and punishment.

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