First week away

My eldest son left for his first week of sleepover camp yesterday.

So much fun at Safari Niagara


Part of the joy of having a child is re-living experiences from your childhood, or in some cases, taking part in new experiences together. Just before the August long weekend, I got to experience the joy of Safari Niagara with my daughter – a first for both of us.

Birthday boom and crash

The morning of my middle's son't birthday party he woke up vibrating with excitement, literally, followed by three hours of constant callisthenics as we waited for 10 a.m. to arrive.

Nobody’s perfect

Let me admit something up front. Sometimes I lose my temper.

You really like me

My job is to help campers see each other as people first, so that they can begin to develop friendships with each other despite the social differences that are so important to them and that initially seem to keep them apart.

Not cool

I didn't need to be cool. I didn't need to fit in. I was perfectly happy being an anomaly and a misfit.

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