Rice Krispies treats for toys


Making Christmas brighter for financially disadvantaged children is as simple as creating a batch of Rice Krispies treats, crafting a toy shape from the mixture and uploading a photo at TreatsForToy.ca.

Doing paperwork

In case I was ever likely to forget that my kids watch my every move and model themselves after me in the most unexpected ways, my youngest son has created his own office.

You don't know how good you've got it

My kids don't seem to have any idea how easy our lives really are in comparison to most people in the world today and throughout the course of history. 

But candy has protein

How sweet it is to pack your own lunch.

Just wear your coat

I don't know if you fight about dressing for winter in your house, but it's a source of constant conflict in mine.

Free books for kids


A good news story about 550,000 free books for Grade 1 students.

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