Why Canadian children need a champion

Some of the most complex needs of my patients stem from poverty and not disease alone

Can I trust you

When my son yells at me about my meanness, I tell him that I'd like to be able to trust him, but that there have been too many times when he has abused my trust, so now I have to be stricter.

Don’t worry, I’m the parent

In my work with Children's Aid I often run into kids who are “parentified”, who do the job of parenting their younger siblings because their own parents haven't been able or willing to do it.


The power of a name tag.

Empty House

I've gone from a house-full to a house-empty in a matter of weeks, and I confess that it's requiring an adjustment. 

An encouraging word

I used to be fairly lenient about food, then I changed things up old school.

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