Open home - The welcome mat is always out

An open home, on the other hand, is a place where people can come at any time, even when it's not perfectly tidy (which our place never is), and feel at home.

Gingerbread holiday décor


 If you’re looking for a holiday craft idea to do with your kids, virtually indestructible gingerbread ornaments are perfect.

Do you suffer from Frazzled Mom brain?

Thanks to my Facebook mom friends, here are a few ways other moms have combated frazzled mom brain.

Do you remember learning to read


Here are a few tips I’ve learned through trial and error to help my kids learn how to read.

Homemade soft pretzels


To fulfill my pretzel craving, I scoured the Internet to find the perfect pretzel recipe and then tweaked and modified it. They're simple to make and delicious.

Taking a break

Getting away, even just for an evening, even just for a cup of coffee, is important.

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