More than you think

I'm constantly amazed at how much my kids know.

Enjoy it while you can

It's one of the great cliches that children grow up too fast and that you need to enjoy each stage while you can, but being cliche doesn't make it any easier to practise some times.

Transition tips

In my last blog entry I had said it was really hard transitioning my second child from being with me all day to leaving her with her Grandmother when I returned to work. 

Losing the big game

My oldest son takes his fandom very seriously. When his teams win, he's jubilant. When this teams lose, he's crushed.

Meditate on these things

One of the things I've found helpful to my parenting (and to my life generally, in fact) is a daily time of quiet meditation.

I’m back

My return from Maternity Leave was January 4.

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