I love you and…

We often take it for granted as parents that our kids know why we correct and discipline them.

I was happier before

Children take up a tremendous amount of time, energy, money, and just about everything else that we could otherwise spend on things that we enjoy more.

Take the day off

I'm often at odds with my middle son's teacher over the school he misses.

My Dear Random and Impersonal Valentine

 Is it really the case that we want our children associating the expression of love with the mere distribution of mass produced tokens of emotions that they don't really feel?

Communal meals

Although I'm not aware of any research on the subject, my personal observation has been that sitting down with other people and spending time with them over the intimacy of a meal is a really beneficial experience for my kids.

A nomination for a most deserving baby name

As old-fashioned names like Isabelle, Annabelle and Audrey are being resurrected, my name has been largely overlooked along with other names I grew up with like Debbie and Karen.

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