First day of snow

I’m not sure why the first day of true snow is a disaster every year, but it is.

Make some time to be a maker this Christmas


A craft that my sons and I create fresh each year utilizes gumdrops as the medium for wintery scenes with figures resembling elves and Santa. 

Believing the lie

One of my frustrations as a parent is when children convince themselves of an untruth so throughly that they act as though it’s true.

Taking responsibility

I got every parent’s favourite call yesterday – the one from the principal where you get asked to come by the office for a little chat about your kid – that call.

Three kids on a plane

So I’m taking three kids under 11 years of age on a plane trip to Georgia.

Don't Do Your Homework

So I don’t make my kids do their homework. I confess that it causes ongoing, low-grade conflict with their teachers, but I have my reasons.

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