Nobody’s perfect

Let me admit something up front. Sometimes I lose my temper.

You really like me

My job is to help campers see each other as people first, so that they can begin to develop friendships with each other despite the social differences that are so important to them and that initially seem to keep them apart.

Not cool

I didn't need to be cool. I didn't need to fit in. I was perfectly happy being an anomaly and a misfit.

Get a job

 I've only developed a true appreciation for the housework my four brothers and I created now that I have kids of my own.

The great outdoors

My life gets immeasurably simpler the moment the weather gets good enough that I can say to my kids after school, “Go ride your bikes” or  “Go play soccer at the park.

A whale of a time at the Ontario Science Centre


My family had a whale of a time at the Ontario Science Centre. 

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