Mom Stuff


1.  Boob Windblocker Fleece Top - The cold and wind are two of the leading causes for engorgement and mastitis for nursing moms. Protect yourself during the winter months with this fleece windblocker that provides easy nursing access. Available at $119 US  

2. UA Armour Low Printed Bra - Built for low-impact activity and all-day comfort, this compression sports bra wicks sweat, delivers superior support and comfort and an ultra-skinny, minimalist back strap detail with feminine neckline best suited for A to C cups. Available at $34.99  

3. Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese - Enjoy all the benefits of cottage cheese without the unappealing lumpy texture in these tasty, satisfying snacks. Available in two flavours: salted caramel and vanilla bean, they are only 110 calories and offer 10 grams of protein. Seriously delicious. Available at major grocery stores. $3.99 

4. Dr. Roebuck’s Cleanse - This natural nourishing cream cleanser works for all skin types. Hydrating and calming, it contains six antioxidants that reverse free radical damage and assist in delaying the aging process. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques. $22.95 

5. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier - Recommended by allergists, this air purifier helps provide cleaner, fresher air in your home, working to capture up to 99.97 per cent of airborne allergens and helps circulate clean air through a room several times an hour. Available at Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and Home Depot. $329.99

6. Zevia - This naturally sweetened (with Stevia), zero calorie soda is a great alternative to sugary pop. Clear, Zevia doesn’t contain any caramel colour or chemically processed artificial substitutes. Available at Loblaws and Whole Foods Market. Six pack $5.99 

7. PoniLox - Say goodbye to metal accessories that damage hair with this French comb that features a unique pivoting barrette with elastic stretch. Comfortable to the scalp it will secure and hold your hair with ease. Available at and Amazon. $8.95 US  

8. Prana Organic Dry Roasted Coconut Chips - Available in four savoury flavours: Spicy Chilli, BBQ, Salt & Pepper and Original, these coconut chips offer a unique taste that’s organic, gluten-free with no cholesterol and an excellent source of fibre. Available in major grocery chains and health food stores. $3.99 per bag

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