Cool Stuff for Kids


1. Yogaga children’s yoga products

Tailored to babies and small children, this line of yoga wear, gear and instructional items including DVDs is great for at-home yoga practice. Teach kids the art of yoga in a fun, practical way and reap the benefits of practice for both the kids and parents. Available at Various pricesBaby Gourmet single serve cereal pouches


2. Baby Gourmet single serve cereal pouches

These are the first and only single serving baby cereal pouches to hit the shelves of Canadian grocery stores. Available in Banana Raisin Oatmeal and original Oatmeal, these pouches are super convenient and are ready by just mixing milk and/or water into the pouch for an instant and mess-free meal. Available at major grocery stores. $5.49


3. Kitanie Coloring Books

Colouring has scientifically proven health benefits by helping to build visual, spatial, organization, visualization and figure ground process skills and can stimulate healing for brain injury and concussion patients. Suitable for all ages. Available at and Amazon. From $9.95 US


4. Be Kool

These Disney theme decorated cooling gel sheets can reduce a child’s temperature up to 4 degress when the cold or flu strikes. Available at drug stores. $6.49


5. Earth Balance P.B. Popps

Delicious popcorn coated with oats and a peanut butter cluster that makes a yummy snack. They’re dairy and gluten-free with zero trans fats. Available at Loblaws. $5.99


6. Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste

With flavours like Wicked Cool (a refreshing mint) and Silly Strawberry, this toothpaste appeals to brushers of all ages and cleans gently with an all-natural formula. Available at drug stores. $6.99


7. Below Your Belt: How to Be Queen of Your Pelvic Region

This pelvic health handbook for girls written by Missy Lavender and Jeni Donatelli of Women’s Health Foundation covers everything from the history of women’s pelvic health to anatomy, bladder and bowel health, ovulation and menstration. Also includes pelvic exercises. A must-read for all puberty-aged girls and their moms. Available at Chapters and Indigo. $25.50


8. Jax Coco Kidz

This line of pure coconut water just for kids is made with 100 per cent pure coconut water that’s sweetened naturally with fruit puree or pure cacao. With up to 70 per cent less sugar than most juices, Jax Kidz is available in original, chocolate, banana and grape flavours. Available at Loblaws. Six pack $5.60


9. R2D2 FUNtainer by Thermos

Make bringing a lunch to school fun again with this cool lunch bag. A fun shape with R2D2 sounds in a quality lunch kit that keeps food hot, cold and safe to eat. Available at Toys “R” Us. $21.99


10. Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifiers

Ensure the comfort of your little ones with a good night’s sleep, even during cold and flu season. This cool mist humidifier adds essential moisture to the room to maintain ideal humidity levels and features three dream inspired ceiling projections. Available at Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Rexall and Loblaws. $64.99

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