Meeting meatless challenges


I faced a peculiar conundrum with my five-year-old this past Easter. One of her Easter-related activities at school involved painting real eggs in their kindergarten classroom and bringing them home. 

Adoptive Family Camp

Our family is at camp this weekend, a week-long camp that my wife directs specifically for families who foster and adopt.

Collingwood is calling


Emily Deane of South Georgian Bay Visitor Association, along with her husband and daughter, comprise what could be a poster family for Collingwood. Raised in the area, she moved to Toronto where she and her husband enjoyed the downtown city life. 

Mom stuff


Great finds for mom this summer season.

Cool stuff for kids


Check out the newest trends in kids and youth at home entertainment. 

Seven fun ideas for your next block party


Get to know your neighbours this summer with a family-friendly neighbourhood party. 

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