Family roles

My wife and I occupy roles in our family that are a mostly opposite to the ones that have been traditionally assigned to men and women.

O Canada


Your kids are growing up in one of the most diverse countries in the world, and this Canada Day, Harbourfront will celebrate with them.

No siblings, no problem. Raising a happy only child.


Parenting an only child comes with plenty of perks, but that doesn't mean raising a singleton is easy.

Summer is the season for ice cream cone meltdowns

There are many skills that parents must teach their children, not the least of which is how to eat an ice cream cone on a blistering hot day.

Taking back the family bed


Experts tell parents that their bedroom should be a haven – a clean, organized place of rest and renewal. 

Keep on reading with the TD Summer Reading Club


The  TD Summer Reading Club, offered free of charge at local libraries, makes it easy for kids to keep reading all summer long.

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