The place to be

After what seemed like half a month of rain, we’ve had some pretty good weather these last few days, which means that my backyard inevitably becomes the neighbourhood playground.

Parenting styles for the future


 Between helicopter parents afraid to relinquish control and permissive parents afraid to exert authority, there is a respectful middle ground, which is not fear-based. 

Better bedtimes with Yoga


You know those nights when you just can’t sleep, when your mind is racing, or you’re tense and wound up? Those symptoms aren’t reserved for adults.

As a family

I know that many of us parents end up feeling drained by our children’s schedules, especially as those children get old enough to have their own social lives and interests. 

Taking food allergies to camp


Attending summer day camp is often a rite of passage for kids. But when you have a child with life-threatening food allergies, camp is more complicated than filling out forms and dropping your kid off each morning.

Busy or bust: road trip tips


For some parents, kids are just the nudge they need to dust off the passport or cash in the frequent flyer miles.

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