Weekend on the island

It was really good experience for me and also for my kids. You could almost see them making the kinds of memories that they'll look back on as adults and say, “That was a highlight of my childhood.” 

Other kids' parents

“We played nicky-nicky-nine-doors. It was awesome.”

CBC Music Festival at Echo Beach today


Echo Beach will echo with the sounds of the CBC Music Festival Saturday, May 28 with an all-star Canadian lineup, family-friendly features and free admission for kids age 12 and under.

What you need to know about sleep training


Sleep training is finding a way to give your baby the chance to fall asleep on his own and return to sleep if he wakes during the night or nap and it isn’t time to get up yet.

City Parent Family Show at Royal Botanical Gardens


City Parent’s Family Show presents everything for families indoors at Royal Botanical Gardens on Sunday, May 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. featuring giveaways, crafts and free admission and parking.

A new season of fun at Harbourfront Centre

The wait for free festivals on the waterfront is over. Harbourfront Centre’s season gets started  May 21–23

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