Treat your pets to a safe Halloween


As you transform your home into a spooktacular abode for Halloween, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. 

Ontario Apples and Almond Butter Whole Wheat Cookies


Alleviate stress and improve mood and concentration with these moist and decadent cookies. 

Residents of Vaughan can jump for joy


Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park has jumped into Vaughan with a new location at 2839 Rutherford Rd.

Treat kids to The Royal


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the perfect opportunity to connect city kids with the country.

Make our world a better place: 44 random acts of kindness


This month, encourage your family to spread that kindness to the people who cross your paths during the holiday season and beyond.

Tricks for teeth this Halloween


Canada’s dental hygienists remind all ghosts and goblins preparing for a night of Halloween fun to beware of cavities on October 31 and beyond.

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