Inspire the hearts and minds of Canada’s next generation of engineers


Dream Big IMAX film to play at the Ontario Science Centre through the end of June 2017.

Calculating the cost of divorce


In Ontario, more than 40 per cent of marriages end before reaching the 30th anniversary, according to Stats Canada. And, this past month, January, has routinely been the preferred month for couples to start down the road to divorce.

Unleash the peanut products


By about 6 months of age, babies should be regularly eating food with peanuts in an effort to prevent the development of a peanut allergy, according to new clinical guidelines released recently.

From overwhelmed to in control


 If you are a mom, then you know the word “overwhelmed” goes hand-in-hand with the role of raising little ones. 

Bad Behaviour: Taking the sting out of someone else’s response


As the parent of a child who has special needs, I have been in many situations where people have meant well in their response to something but rather, left me feeling like a mess.

Vitamin D and Pregnancy


New studies have shown how important it is for pregnant women to have optimal blood levels of vitamin D to help lower the risk of their babies developing multiple sclerosis and autism.

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