Keeping Keepsakes


Our most exciting summer adventure has been a robin’s nest on our porch. It started with a flurry of activity by two robin mates to claim their territory and put together a nest atop a lantern on our front porch.

Join the games: throw your own Olympic themed party


Get into the spirit of the Olympic games by hosting family friendly events in your own backyard. Check out a few of our ideas for games, crafts, decorations, food and medals.

Montessori education: The benefits last a lifetime

What is a Montessori education?

Like a girl


So what does it mean to do something like a girl? Always campaign ambassadors such as athlete Stephanie Labbe strive to show the world what it really means to ‘play like a girl’. 

Love means having to say more than sorry


Sometimes saying,“I’m sorry” isn’t enough to heal the pain caused by acts of harm like lying, saying hateful things, breaking agreements or excluding friends.



Check out the following books that are a definite must have. 

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