Sustainable fish recipe kids will love


These ocean-friendly, home-made fish sticks are the perfect size for dipping in ketchup, tartar sauce or honey mustard, the kids will love helping out with this family favourite.

The centre of all things fun for kids


Centreville on Centre Island, is the perfect amusement park for the small set. While bigger parks with their giant coasters can be intimidating, this place is kid-sized.

Cultivate your child's culinary curiosity


Check out these creative ways to cultivate your child's culinary curiosity.

Baking soda is a base for creative play


Baking soda, for example, along with other household products, is a key ingredient for activities and projects.

Longest day of play


Make the long days of summer into active days by taking advantage of after supper hours of daylight.

Bringing back play


Canada is a country with great facilities but as the cost of participation increases, fewer parents are able to enrol their kids in sports.

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