Meeting meatless challenges


I faced a peculiar conundrum with my five-year-old this past Easter. One of her Easter-related activities at school involved painting real eggs in their kindergarten classroom and bringing them home. 

Cool stuff for kids


Check out the newest trends in kids and youth at home entertainment. 

Darling House: helping families, changing lives


When Piper Gibson was just seven-months old, doctor’s diagnosed her as palliative, giving her a year to live.

Fresh starts: helping kids embrace new things


The secret to a happy life? It may involve an adventurous spirit.

Netflix adds kids' arts show


Taking aim at children’s programming, Netflix has added award-winning actress Julie Andrews to its star-studded line-up of hit shows

CN Tower 40th marked with discounted rates this weekend


This summer CN Tower celebrates 40 years since it first opened its doors and as part of the celebration, children can visit the tower this weekend (June 25 to 26) at a special reduced rate.

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