A cure for anaphylaxis the goal of SickKids program


A cure for anaphylaxis is possible according to the team of immunology and allergy experts who lead SickKids Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Program. 

How to doggy-train your toddler


For many when they picture their “perfect” family, they envision a partner, children and the family dog, a loveable, happy-go-lucky four-legged family member who will be a best friend to the children. 

Driving home road safety this Halloween


Driving home the importance of road safety can make Halloween less frightening for trick-or-treaters

Costume ideas for a Halloween to remember


For parents, Halloween can be fun…and a little bit of a hassle. Costumes, candy buckets, bad weather and often staying up late on a school night come into play for the sake of fun. 

Monster Mash: Fixing nighttime nightmares


Parents love seeing little ghosts, ghouls, and goblins on the doorstep at Halloween. But when monsters, ghosts, and other imaginary figures start keeping kids awake at night, it’s another story.

Be inspired at Harbourfront Centre


Harbourfront Centre is the perfect place to inspire your kids with dance, film, literature and more.

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